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Charlotte Mason is considered the founder of the modern homeschool movement - and for good reason! Miss Mason was a British Educator who believed that there was a better way.  She challenged the educaitonal status quo and brought a revolutionary - yet simple - way to educate the WHOLE child - body, soul and spirit wwith a distinctly Christian foundation that separates her from ALL other educational phlosophies and systems.


This course is self-paced and offered in TWO ways:


1 || The first option is completely free! 

Upon enrolling, you will checkout and receive an email with a downloadable pdf containing all of the information that you need - links, resources, ideas, book suggestions and more - to introduce you to Miss Mason!  It's as simple as that!  This course is self-paced - there is no start or end date - you decide how to long it will take you, but we're here to help and answer questions along the way!


We have compiled the best resources from around the web (and beyond!) to give you a well-rounded understanding of who Miss Mason was, and what her method is (and isn't!).


The second option builds on the first!

If you complete the training materials AND submit written narrations to us (more on that in a second!) then you have the option of upgrading your training to a discounted Curricula Consult with Kelsi Rea, Director of Heritage Christian Academy and Founder of Heritage Online Courses.

Consults are typically $50/hour, but upon completion of the written narration, your consult is discounted to just $25!  

You do not need to complete the training to book a consult, but as you seek to gain more insight on Miss Mason's method, we want to encourage you on your own professional development as a homeschooling parent by offering the discounted consults.




After registering for the Introduction to Miss Mason Course, simply follow the directions in the Pdf that is sent to you.  In short, we ask that you submit 2 written narrations on the material that you have covered, as a pre-requisite for the discounted Consult.  Upon submission and acceptance, we'll send you the information to register for the Consult (done via phone or Zoom if you are not local to Northern Indiana).


But don't worry - everything that you need to know will be coming to you via Pdf in your email upon enrollment!


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A Charlotte Mason Introduction