Charlotte Mason Leader and Teacher Training

Please note that this option is best suited for group leaders, or those considering starting a CM group.  If you are a homeschooler who would like indivudalized training in your hoomeschool, please visit our Individual Training option.


The Leader and Teacher training that you see here is just for YOU!  Just like Miss Mason's approach, we believe that education is NOT a one-size fits all model, so think of our program as a mini-conference that is JUST for your group. 

Charlotte Mason's method, at it's core, is relational - and so is our training.  As opposed to providing you with articles, resources or general tips and ideas, our CM Leadership Training is personalized and geared towards YOU and your unique situation.


Of course we'll offer resources and ideas, but our goal is to address what you NEED and help you both train and plan for a successful program!


Read through all of our training options below and contact us if you have additional questions!


(All Leadership Training is completed by Kelsi Rea, Founder and Director of Heritage Christian Academy. Click here for a full bio and information.)



90 MINUTE TEACHER TRAINING SEMINARS || Kelsi will lead you and/or your teaching team in targeted Charlotte Mason training seminars, via Zoom for 90 minutes.  You may choose from specific topics, such as How to Use Living Books in the Classroom, How to Teach…(subject of your choosing), Exams in a Charlotte Mason Classroom, and more.  These seminars can be tailored to the needs, interests and schedule of your school or co-op.  Seminars include all training materials e-mailed to the Coordinator ahead of time, 60 minutes of training, and 30 minutes of discussion/Q&A.





LEADERSHIP CONSULTING || Kelsi will answer any questions pertaining to the formation of a Charlotte Mason Co-op or Micro-School.  As the founder and director of Indiana's first CM Micro School and after years of research, Kelsi advises on such topics as Program Formation, Goal Development, Potential Problem Areas, Group Curricula Formation, Leadership and Teacher Training, Documentation and Form Development, Disciplinary Procedures and Recommendations, The Role of Volunteers in a Co-op or Micro-school, and more - all within the Charlotte Mason framework.





    FULL LEADERSHIP CONSULT ||  Full Consults are recommended for those actively preparing to launch their own programs or those who need assistance in troubleshooting an already existing program.  Full Consults include two hours of training with up to 3 group leaders in attendance on the topics of your choice (topics listed in the Hourly Consult or topics that target your situation).  Additionally, downloadable pdfs are included for group usage which can be customized for your group and represent hundreds of hours in development and have been successfully implemented and tested.  These include: Editable Parent/Student Handbook (~50+ pages), Editable Teacher Handbook (~40+ pages), Editable Scheduling Template, Editable Teacher Lesson Planning Book including term planning tips with narration rubric for classroom use, as well as curricula planning sheets, attendence sheets and more!




    To enroll in these training options: 

    1. Choose your preferred training method and complete the checkout process.  
    2. Upon checkout, we will email you with the preliminary forms for you to complete so that we can get to know you a bit better and to understand your unique situation BEFORE the consult begins.  This helps us maximize the time that we spend together so that you get as much as possible out of your consult.
    3. Once you complete the Leadership Training Form, we will email you to set a date and time for your training.


    And finally - if you are interested in something MORE, please contact us for information about booking a speaking engagement or an on-site Training Weekend Retreat with Kelsi Rea for your CM group.  Additionally, we also offer HCA Membership School Packages for those that are interested in opening a Charlotte Mason Micro School in your city in conjunction, and with the full support of HCA.


    *Please note that it is common to see Miss Mason's method combined with a Classical approach, particularly in group settings.  Heritage does not merge the two philosophies as there are distinct differences between them, so all advice and recommendations will be given solely within the Mason method.


    **Also note that Kelsi Rea/Heritage Christian Academy/Heritage Online Courses will not advise on legal matters concerning IRS/Tax Laws, etc.  Any business advice that is given is soley based on experience and professional opinion and can not be construed or used as a legal consult.


    Charlotte Mason Leader and Teacher Training