Shakespeare is not a subject that Miss Mason assigned in Form 1, but she did assume, given cultural expectations at the time of her teaching, that children would be familiar with the stories and would be reading the retellings or listening to the plays in their free reading times, thus preparing them for the formal study of Shakespeare in later years.  

Sadly, this is not the cultural norm or expectation in our modern society and so we are introducing Shakespeare to your Form 1 children to prepare them for the formal reading of Shakespeare beginning in Form 2.



Our video content will feature a professional presentation of one of the most famous and beautiful retellings of Shakespeare’s plays by Charles and Mary Lamb.  Recordings will last approximately 15 minutes, in accordance with Miss Mason’s recommended lesson lengths for Form 1 students, taking into consideration time needed for the student’s narrations at the conclusion of the lesson. You may use this class simply to listen and reflect, along with the teacher.  For older children, you may choose the option to have them submit a narration to their teacher after each lesson, so you can customize this course to the needs of your family.



 Recommended for Form 1A (3rd grade) students, this course can be adapted for use as a literature study, builds independent learning and requires accountability to a trained Charlotte Mason Educator.



  • Video content with professional presentation of the material.
  • Lessons are planned and paced appropriately so that content aligns with Charlotte Mason’s recommendations for lesson length per day and per term.
  • Pdf with narration prompts for each lesson and sample exam questions for administration during week 12.  
  • Families may use the videos as presented and students may submit their narrations to their parents. 
  • Parents are responsible for all narrations and exams.
  • Access to Charlotte Mason Teaching resources and articles.
  • Weekly interaction with a Charlotte Mason trained teacher for oral narration submission, including narration feedback.
  • Exam and exam assessment from the teacher at the conclusion of the term (week 12) 
  • Track 2 is interactive with the teacher and students have greater accountability for their narrations and timely submission.  
  • Classes are NOT offered at a set time each week.  As a family, you determine what day/time your child accesses the course.
  • All narrations due no later than Friday at 12pm EST of each week.











Introduction to Shakespeare | Track 2

  • Tales from Shakespeare

    by Charles and Mary Lamb